Texas Illumination Signs & Lighting mission is to provide to you, our valued customer, with professional lighting maintenance service to your residential or commercial establishment such as indoor; outdoor; parking lot pole light repair; sign repair; sign and neon repair; L.E.D. repair; gas canopy lighting repair; upgrading on light fixtures, low voltage lighting repair; we also do wash and re-lamp interior and exterior lighting service. We guarantee to leave you satisfied with our services.

Texas Illumination is in the service industry of professional lighting maintenance for your commercial, residential, interior and exterior needs. We are based in West Texas, and you can count on 100% reliable honest workmanship by our professional and courteous technician with over 20 years experience in the field. Your time is best spent running your business not changing your facilities lights bulbs or concerning yourself with the liabilities of having your employees climb the ladder. Leave the light bulb changing to us. We will keep your business well lit and looking good.

Burned out lights reflect poorly upon business reputation. A lack of properly maintained security lighting is a distraction and safety concern to customers and employees alike, burned out lights increase potential liability of accident or crime on your commercial and/or residential property.

Don’t take the risk…… Keep your lights ON!!!